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mSFA Suite

Order Management and Order tracking:

Sales force will be able to register orders and access relevant key information relating to product availability and special conditions, ex: payment terms. Furthermore, the solution makes it possible to have information about the Order Status immediately after the order has been registered.

Sales Force Management:

Staff can quickly and efficiently access and manage activities and information relating to their customers.

Product Catalogue Management:

Product catalogue is organized by categories and contains information relating to product details, discounts, promotions and price list.

Remote Synchronization:

It is essential to reduce connectivity problems using Mobile SFA both on-line and off-line. For this SFA provides the optimal solution.

  1. Sales cycles can be shortened through improved access to product pricing and availability information.
  2. Error rates can be reduced by entering orders on site, while the customer is still in the room.
  3. Average sale price can be increased through the use of real-time promotions.
  4. Forecast accuracy can be improved via real-time entry of pipeline information.
  5. Approvals, exceptions, and requests can be electronically routed to sales managers and executives, providing much more timely responses to sales reps and higher quality deals.
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