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WiCoRe ASSURE, a product developed by WiCoRe Labs, is a plug-in that enables real-time, interactive SMS-based information flow between an organisation company and its.

It perfectly fulfills all the criteria necessary for an effective employee safety process. (Please see Section titled “An Evaluation of WiCoRe ASSURE)

The idea behind WiCoRe ASSURE is ratified by a suggestion made by an ITES professional and covered in The Times of India – Bangalore, on December 19, 2005

“If an employer gives out the information on the vehicle, the employee, when in doubt, can verify facts. It is a sure method of authentication” Raghavan Iyengar – Treasurer and State Secretary, Union for ITES Professionals (UNITES)

When WiCoRe ASSURE is operational in a BPO organization, every employee will have two visual checks to ensure his/her safety on the way to work, on a daily basis:
  • The registration number of the vehicle
  • The name of the driver, which will be displayed prominently through a placard placed on the windscreen of the vehicle
Further, with WiCoRe ASSURE, all personal information regarding the employees is resident within the organization, with WiCoRe Labs operating only as the enabler and carrier of information between the organization and its employees, composing and routing the messages through the various Telecom Service Providers.    

How it Works

The organisation builds a database comprising the mobile phone number of every employee and the vehicle route number assigned to him/her to come to work.

Every day, before the start of the pick-ups for each shift or each employee, the logistics company identifies the drivers’ names and the registration numbers of the pick-up vehicles being used on that day, for each route / each employee.

This information is entered into the travel roster system currently being used by the Organization.

Once the co-relation between the employee and the car/driver has been done, and the requisite instruction given to the WiCoRe Secure SMS Module, it composes a message and sends it to the employee’s mobile. The process can be depicted graphically, as shown below:

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