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Reverse Bid
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Reverse Bid

This is an application that can function independently or as an add-on module to the SDP (Service Delivery Platform) or SITV (SMS InteracTiVe).

The concept of reverse bid is this: “High-value and desirable items can be bought for low sums by submitting the lowest unique bid" That’s the reverse part - the prices stay low rather than keep getting up.

WiCoRe Reverse Bid allows you to provide this functionality over SMS.

The system can be setup such that it is completely controlled by the client. Right from providing User Friendly GUI based Administration, Adding of Bid Items, receiving, collating and to determining the Winners, the entire facility can be managed by the user.

WiCoRe provides both a Hosted Business model to this module and a packaged setup, wherein the customer can set it up at their premises.

WiCoRe’s Interactive TV modules and solutions are scalable from private gatherings(like in Stadia) to cable channels and terrestrial channels to major satellite channels, suitable for all countries and languages and are generating significant revenues for its broadcast partners in India, South East and the Middle East Asia.

The company’s distinctive programming content captures new telephony based pay-to-participate revenue streams that are independent of subscription income and advertising

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