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Housie, also known as tambola, is one of the most popular games among Indian masses. Traditionally, the family entertainer is mostly played in clubs and parties. Tambola on mobile and television makes people enjoy the game sitting in their houses, competing with thousands of others and winning prizes.

How to Play

A mobile subscriber needs to send a SMS with the specific keyword to get one or more Tambola Tickets. A broadcast of numbers begin at prefixed time. Subscribers get the numbers on their mobile's screen. During the game, as soon as a participant is done with any of the winning combinations outlined below, which is left to the discretion of the client, he needs to send an SMS with the specific keyword to the configured number to claim the prize.

Possible Winning Combinations
  1. Early Five
  2. Top row
  3. Middle row
  4. Last row
  5. First column
  6. Second column
  7. Third column
  8. Fourth column
  9. Fifth column
  10. 4 corners
  11. Combination of first and second rows
  12. Combination of second and third rows
  13. Combination of first and third rows
  14. Full House
  • Feature to book a Ticket in advance and even move the ticket next game if user is not able to play the current game, but needs to do it before the game starts.
  • Can request for Help on How to play, Prizes status and other through SMS.
  • Can request for the numbers gone so far during the game.
  • Has Alerts to know who is the winner.
  • Improves revenue productivity by leveraging existing telephony infrastructure.
  • Highly available and reliable solution.
  • Complete real time label royalty accounting.
  • Helps targeted segmentation based on all of the defined parameters like age or gender.
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