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WiCoRe SMS Gateway is a software which is used to send and receive sms. It combines with the short message service center to send and receive sms. It is also possible to send ringtones and picture messages and operator logos. This software is mainly intended to work on linux systems. We can send sms with our own origination. Different kinds of delivery reports can be maintained by this software. This software is built on c language.

  1. Gateway is capable of handling mobile modem to send and receive sms.
  2. Delivery report urls can be raised for particular numbers by giving the url for that number when we send sms.
  3. It will automatically cut one big sms and sends as two or more normal sms.
  4. Also supports other operating systems like Mac OS and Windows with some tools.
  5. Can send bulk sms.
  6. Originator can be alpha numeric.
  7. Security with port protection.
  8. Seperate users for sending sms and administration.
  1. There are many advantages for using this gateway for pushing and pulling sms.
  2. Some of the advantages are clever marketing, which involves advertising the product by sending sms to mobile users.
  3. Clearing problems of the customers instantly by the product manufacturers.
  4. Smart banking and participating in quiz and billing enquiry and so on.
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