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Astrology SMS

Tired of regular Astrology SMS which is general, inaccurate, not specific to you and expensive as well?? Sun Signs or Moon Signs are vague, simply because you just cannot be 1 among the 1/12th of the world's population who also come under your zodiac sign.

In the current Astrology over SMS scenario, the only parameter that is touched upon when sending you an SMS is your Zodiac Sun Sign or Moon Sign. No other parameter is taken into account.

An individual is unique and so is his horoscope! We reflected on how to make the best of this distinctiveness and its result was DiWi Astro SMS.

Personalised Daily SMS

In collaboration with renowned Astrologer Mr. E.K. Dhilip Kumar, we have combined Ancient Vedic Astrology with cutting edge information technology to deliver you unsurpassed personalized Astrological insights over SMS.

A one time registration ensures the accurate casting of an individual's Vedic birth chart and the extraction of several hundreds of Astrological facts. This is then tagged and stored in the database. All messages that are sent to your mobile will be on the basis of that chart alone.

Apart from Personalised Daily SMS, other forms of messages include

  - Alerts
  - Pull Based Messages

On Demand request of information (Pull), will be launched shortly, once the Push messages are accepted.
This as with every other WiCoRe Product is being continually enhanced. Check back here for the other enhancements made to this product.

Click here to find out how you or your company can use this.

To try out DiWi Astro SMS, please visit http://sify.com/lifestyle/astrology/paidproducts

Click here to find out how you or your company can use this.

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