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Mercury SMS

In classic Roman and Greek Mythology, Mercury was both the God of Commerce and the Messenger of the Gods. Mercury was summoned to spread the word and deliver messages promptly with skill and speed.

Enhancing all these abilities and designed specifically for Enterprises and Commercial establishments is Mercury SMS, a revolutionary new application that allows Business houses to send instant SMS text messages to the mobile phone of any individual or group of people using a simple web interface.


Mercury SMS is unique for several reasons:
  1. No set up costs or ongoing software upgrades - internet access and a browser are all that's required to use the service.
  2. At the click of a mouse - multiple or single text messages can be sent instantly to consumers, individually or any grouped or single combination of the above.
  3. A message archive allows organizations to track the progress of each message they send online, ensuring that an administrator will know if a message is undeliverable.
  4. An integrated import facility allows organizations addresses to be imported from existing records.
  5. Customised Interfaces for Business Houses.
  6. Business Houses can avail of the user preferences and permissions while creating and providing access to multiple users.
  7. Unique Security and Administration features.
  1. No setup fee.
  2. Quick and Effortless setup
  3. Global coverage (200+ countries)
  4. Real-time, on-line reports
  5. Single and Bulk Messaging
  6. Grouping Functionality
  7. Sender ID branding (Except for CDMA Networks) EX: Your name can be sent as ORGINATOR
  8. 8-bit messaging
  9. Unicode messaging (Arabic, Chinese etc)
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