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SMS InteracTiVe

SMS InteracTiVe is a real time SMS collating and display engine for the media, primarily Television

The mobile is the first truly personal medium - always held, always on, a connected medium that opens up many new opportunities.
The fact that mobiles are always carried imply that they can be used to respond instantly to marketing through other mass media, such as TV, print, posters and radio.

Even the most popular real time media - Television, does not have digital interactive capabilities. Mobile interactivity allows an audience to interact with media in a way never before possible.

SMS InteracTiVe provides an engine for enabling real-time voting, quizzes, games and other contests that are conducted through regular media. It can be used to enhance TV, radio and magazine content by using the mobile as a response mechanism.

For SITV, WiCoRe presents a fully hosted enterprise platform, completely managed by its well connected Network Operations Center using high speed IP lines. This ensures an un-paralleled level of reliability, scalability and quality of service, critical for high volume traffic, leaving the media company to concentrate on its core areas of operation.

Benefits of using mobile as a tool for interactivity:
  • Guaranteed interactivity: most TV's do not have interactive capabilities, and interactivity in radio and print did not exist before the advent of mobiles.
  • Guaranteed two-way data network: the majority of handsets are enabled for two-way data services (SMS), which no other media can provide.
  • Easy to differentiate and target specific users.
  • Cost effective method of Brand Building & Customer Retention.
  • Can be used to play an important role in extending viewer involvement.
  • Customers themselves can benefit from retrieved information.
  • Highest percentage of guaranteed visibility.
Benefits of using SMS InteracTiVe:
  • Collate and display results in real time
  • Generate effective marketing solutions using obtained demographics
  • Multiple display facility
  • Dynamic Screen & Layout conversion for real time transformation
  • Re-usable template technique for Serials
  • Pre-store multiple Episodes
  • Gives the user complete control to create his own show
  • Simultaneous Large volume SMS handling capacity
  • Easy Scalability for handling increasing SMS traffic
  • Load Balancing mechanism for distributing SMS over multiple SMSC's
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