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WiCash :: Why Cash?? :: Wireless Cash!!

WiCash is a mobile payment solution. It is an mCommerce solution that would enable every mobile phone to become a payment mechanism. It is a mobile payment solution that will work now -
  •  in today’s generation of phones
  •  With today’s maximum available security
  •  Without any additions to the phones.
  •  Providing strong security, hacker safe
  •  Easy to use, mimimum set-up required
WiCash is an SMS based method of payment and requires not more than 3 SMS by Customer for a payment. It is solution made for banks, with assistance from mobile network operator. WiCash provides for an immediate debit from payer’s account to a credit into payee’s account. Ideal if both accounts are in the same bank

It is completely secure. In fact the backbone of WiCash is a patent pending security solution.

WiCoRe Labs is currently in talks with leading financial institutions and banks and is preparing for a pilot project to enable mCommerce for a select group of people

Apart from enabling mCommerce, WiCash also assists banks by facilitating

SMS 'pull' services (requested by the customer)
  •  Check account balances
  •  Mini statement: view last 5 transactions
  •  Transfer funds
  •  Help
  •  Provides codes for the various types of transactions

SMS 'pushed' alerts (sent by the financial services institution)

  •  Approaching overdraft limit alert
  •  Cleared funds alert
  •  Credit Card usage alert
For further details on WiCash, please contact bipin@wicore.com

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