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Custom Application Development

WiCoRe offers its expertise in Application and Product Development to its customers. We offer a wide range of services including design, documentation, testing, prototyping, development and support.

For any new project the team at WiCoRe go through an intensive end to end product life cycle that include .

  - Technology feasibility study and specification
  - Technology research
  - Technology and system implementation
  - Technology and system validation and verification
  - Volume ramp-up service
  - Support and maintenance service

WiCoRe's Competence Profile comprises of

  - Architecture design
  - L1 algorithms
  - Layer 2 & 3 (technologies)
  - APIs
  - Applications
  - Embedded SW, Symbian OS, Linux, Windows
  - Protocol stack integration
  - SW applications integration
  - Type approval and carrier deployment
  - Rich porting, integration and customizing experience

We place the highest importance on the satisfaction of our customers. We understand the importance of communication, responsible project management, and shared business objectives. We work hard to earn long term relationships and provide ongoing development flexibility to our customers.

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