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Application Hosting / Managed SMS Services
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Application Hosting / Managed SMS Services

Applications running on the Hosted Server are available 24 x 365.

Data Center/Hosting
  1. Applications are hosted at our premises with a data center hosting environment. The data center is a highly secure facility that is staffed 24 x 365.
  2. The facility features include:
  • Multiple connections to the Internet backbone;
  • A highly redundant internal network infrastructure;
  • A full fire suppression system;
  • Multiple backup electrical power generators;
  • 24-hour on-site security;
  • Locked server cages.
Server Infrastructure
  1. We use application servers and database servers with dual Intel P4 Xeon processors, redundant power supplies, fans, and network cards, and mirrored SCSI hard drives.
  2. We have 24 x 365 service agreements in place to support the hardware in the event of a failure.
  3. The entire setup is protected from intrusion by the capabilities of our firewall. The database is further protected from intrusion by being hosted on a server that has no direct connection to the Internet.
  4. An additional pager system alerts us any time if there are issues with application availability.
Data Recovery

The application files change steadily over time as new features are added. The content/data of the database is constantly changing as clients use the application. With this scope of change in mind, we provide for data recovery in the event of a hardware or software failure using the following procedures:
  1. The application files are backed up once per day to a machine that is separate from the web/application servers.
  2. The database is backed up fully once per day. This backup is made to a machine that is separate from the database server.
  3. The database transaction logs are backed up every 12 hours to a machine that is separate from the database server.
  4. The backup files are moved to a tape library once per day that is located offsite. All the application and database files are backed up fully to tape one day during the week. On the other 6 days, the files that have changed from the previous days backup are sent to tape. The full backup tapes are kept for 3 weeks. The changed file tapes are kept for 2 weeks.
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